Third Time’s a Charm: The Hectic and Wonderful Life of a Mother of Three

Mother of 3 kids

I remember, oh so well, when my first child was born.  I had every baby gismo and gadget that had ever been made.  Everything was sterilized.  I even ironed his baby clothes and never took him out that he wasn’t dressed to the nines.

I was a cardholding member to every mommy club and blog site there was.  I attended La Leche League meetings, a gathering for nursing mothers.  I read countless books on motherhood and kept up with every new finding in the area of babies’ health and wellness in both traditional and alternative areas.  I also knew every recall and warning on every baby product and had my own list of products I thought they should check into.

I live in a rural town so to have portraits made professionally is a three hour trip and that is one way, providing there is no snow and you can usually count on snow for eight of the twelve months.  Still, my husband and I religiously took our firstborn to have his pictures made every three months.

Boy, how things change.  I gave birth to my second son three years later.  By then, I had discarded of half of the baby things I had.  I had learned what ones I liked and what ones just took up space.  The swing was a must.  The stroller had to go and a double Bob stroller was now in order.  As for the rest of the gadgets and gismos, if they babysat for me, fine…they stayed.  Anything that required too much of my time or too many batteries, went to the nearest Goodwill station.

We still kept up with portraits, somewhat.  Every three months turned in to every six but my husband and I prided ourselves on taking them at all.  Each time we embarked on the journey, inevitably one, if not both, boys would get car sick and throw up.  Good thing the portrait studio was inside a department store because we were forever buying new picture clothes for them once we finally got there.

Life was busy.  I remember how challenging it was to catch a quick shower while both boys were napping at the same time or when my husband was home and could keep an eye on them.  I once got one leg shaved only to hear my young son howling.  Of course I had to cut my shower short to see what the matter was.  It was a week later before I found time to shave my other leg.

I have recently had my third child…a girl!  Everything is pink and rosy.  Well, maybe not rosy…but everything is pink.  I have not yet had time to sterilize everything.  She will probably be in college by the time I get time to do that.

My daughter is six weeks old and we haven’t made it to get portraits yet.  We tried once but our middle son woke up sick that morning.  We opted to take our own the following week-end.  I am sure we will make it to town to get professional ones made.  I hope my daughter is not grown and married by the time we do.

Just the other day I laid her on the bed in the room I was cleaning.  I was thinking, “Thank goodness she can’t roll over yet.”  I had to laugh, remembering how ecstatic I was when my firstborn rolled over.  I was excited, yet not ecstatic when my second born did so and now, I was almost dreading the day my third born would.

My daughter has a ton of adorable little outfits.  I have yet to iron any of them though.  As for shaving both legs at the same time, I figure I will get the waxed when I have time.  I do good just to get a shower these days.

The boys are very excited to have a little sister and though life with three children is a challenge, to say the least, I would not give for a minute of it.Each pregnancy was different as is my motherhood experience with each child but one thing will always be the same and that is the way in which I love them with all of my heart…legs shaved or not.