The Pressures of Being Mom

I would never want to diminish the role of a mom and they are many: homemaker, fix it handy woman, child raiser, chief cook and bottle washer, cleaner, homework helper, world interpreter, sports coach, and cheerleader. I bet you can think of more. Hurray for us! We are multi-taskers, fonts of wisdom, life partners, and educators, amorous beings. What could be more meaningful or rewarding?

There are no drawbacks in this wonderful job, it is all good; but there can be some pressures. They can be light or can mount up quickly depending upon the circumstances and your adaptability. It’s all how you handle daily life. Crises happen; mishaps and misunderstandings abound. Some women just worry no matter how normal their day may be. It goes with the territory. Sometimes it has to do with deadlines: a school event, a social encounter, an obligation that has come due. Other times it is a run-of-the-mill situation that you are concerned will come through as planned. Often there is no rhyme or reason. Learning the ins and outs of maternal pressure can help any mom learn to cope.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going; and moms are the toughest of the lot. Anyone who can execute the daily grind without a complaint should get accolades. Mom doesn’t get enough. It is a known fact that they are taken for granted. I am on your side. If you ever feel too much stress, just get out that handy mental pressure washer and obliterate it once and for all. Hmmm, mental note: get Hubby to clean outside with our new pressure washer. Know that it is normal to feel some anxiety, but not to a crippling degree. Also know that you have methods to cure the mayhem and madness.

Moms need time for themselves: a mani-pedi, a full-body massage, meditation time, and/or a day at the spa. They need personal rewards to relax and detox. No guilt please. You deserve time away from duties and responsibilities that can weight you down with their never-ending importance. They exist for so many years! You might consider undertaking a written schedule of your week, or a list of your top priorities and have a long, hard look. How many hours do these take? What can interfere with the timely completion of your tasks? How much stress is self-induced and how much is due to others. Above all, what do you think is out of your control?

Your response will be revealing. It will tell you why you feel the way you do and if such an attitude is warranted. Maybe a little more organization will clear a few cluttered paths. Being a mom is a learned experience and those new to the game can certainly use some help. Everyone wants to give advice so take it from family and friends. Anything that eases your mind will be beneficial. The joys are legion when it comes to motherhood, so don’t let little things get you down. Pressure needs to be shed as soon as it rears its ugly head.