Getting Back my Body

Having a baby takes a big toll on the body. You can’t really think about exercise and fitness for quite some time as you can imagine First of all you are simply exhausted for months and second of all it is a daunting task. Most women pack on more than a few pounds and they want to stay there. Confronting them and putting them in their place takes energy and dedication. Going to the gym is simply a luxury time does not afford you. Since you are up at all hours, you can perform any activity you like when you like.

As for myself, I am planning on betting back my former body sometime in the near future, and I will do it at home between feedings and changing the baby. I am usually dressed rather casually! A home routine works for me. I am going to devise a bare bones no-nonsense program that I will now share with my readers, which can be done affordably with very little additional equipment – you’re not going to need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on the best elliptical machine after reading this post – the most you’ll need to spend is $50, although you probably already have a lot of the things around your home anyway. It is not complete yet, but it hopefully will give you an idea how it works, why it works, and what is involved. It is based on consultation with trainers and friends who work out.

Things to do in a chair

Many things can be done while seated if you need a break for the feet. This particular set of exercises is for the upper body. Here’s what I recommend:

Lifting small weights of about 6-10 pounds (depending upon your strength and ability). Lift them from the shoulders up toward the ceiling at least 10 times.

Lift the weights to the side ten times from the waist (your lowest position) to shoulder height.

Perform ten curls.

Things to do standing

Most exercises are best done standing if you can. You can do all the above weights and then add the following:

Squats: perform 10 to tone up thighs

Lunges: walking into the lunge perform 10. This will stretch the quads nicely.

Go on tip toe, up and down, twenty times to get the calves.

Things to do on a mat

Sit ups and crunches are most comfortable on a yoga mat but they can be done using the large inflated ball. Put your arms behind your head and repeat the exercise 30-100 times (I am not kidding) to get that belly back into shape. This is your target area as a new mom. Do it daily if you can!

The Plank: to strengthen the core and arms, do the yoga plank position for 60 seconds. This position places all the weight on the forearms and toes. You do not bend your knees. Pulling in the core as you hold the pose is the key.

Stretching: ah, it feels good to get the inner thighs. If you are really tight, take it slowly and work toward more stretch. Put the legs in a V position and move them farther outward as you improve. If you are not alone, someone can stretch you, taking each leg and alternately pushing it toward your chest.