Easier Late Night Bathroom Trips

Moms have to be clever. They have to have new solutions to old problems that really work. They must use their ingenuity at all times when they have kids. No matter how many are in the brood and how old they have grown, situations that recur seem like new occurrences. Hence the need to put on the mom’s thinking cap and be the source of all resolutions. The kids depend on this although they may have ideas of their own. Maybe they want a nightlight that is a favorite cartoon character and at least something soothing and not scary to encounter in the middle of the night. This works for some but what happens when the child wanders down the hall on the way to the bathroom and the light is no longer a source of illumination. Its range is limited to the bedroom.

Mom knows. She uses a rechargeable flashlight that she found here that doubles as a nightlight in the bedroom so the kids can pull them out of the outlet and carry them along to the bathroom if they wake up suddenly and feel the need to go at that very moment, no matter what time of night it might be. They love that they are never in the dark on the late night bathroom trips. Maybe the rechargeable flashlight isn’t as a cute as a cartoon character, but it is functional, practical, and it works. Okay, it is a bit cumbersome for the smaller children, but they soon learn how to handle the bulk. They would rather have it along with them during their nighttime forays than nothing at all.

You can depend on this light to never burn out. Thus it is better in the socket than having a small flashlight on the nightstand next to the child’s bed. Who knows what battery life is left? If you don’t want any accidents in bed, you better abandon this less-than-practical idea. Plus, no kid likes to fumble around when getting out of bed to get that nightstand version turned on. A rechargeable flashlight is the best answer. So mom, ever one step ahead of the kids, has decorated it festively to look like a teddy bear with flashing light eyes. When a child reaches for that familiar soft fabric, he or she feels safe and secure.

This is but one example of how mom comes to the rescue to make her children’s lives easier. She knows how to sooth a fevered brow, calm a nervous stomach, and make scary nighttime bathroom trips feel almost inviting. The kids love any excuse to use the teddy flashlight. It is an integral part of their bedrooms and each child has his own outlet. Some nights it is a parade of lights marching down the hall. If mom is up and witnesses the scene, she gives a little laugh out loud before returning peacefully to bed. Let’s hear it for the rechargeable flashlight, a device of many uses.