About Us

Welcome to our site.  If you are a mom, you know we live a life of many hats…and many emotions too.  We are caregivers, friends, nurses and fans of our little ones.  On top of that, we make important decisions that will impact their lives for years to come, perhaps forever.  We experience countless emotions on a daily basis.  We are joyful when our little “one” has his or her first birthday, sad when he or she falls and gets a “boo-boo” and worry each time we strap them in the cars seat.  Did we choose the right one?

Whether you stumbled upon our site and are here by accident or if you are here on purpose, you have come to just the right place to find out great helpful hints and subtle suggestions and to read the accounts of others who have or are going through the exact things you are.  We in no way try to influence any decision you make.  We toss the facts out and add a bit of our own experiences.  You are Mom.  You will make the right decisions…we just help!